antoni gaudi in barcelona

casa_batllo thedragon entrance_me pathway sp_tile
These are photos from my trip to spain a while ago. Barcelona was truly a gaudi’s city like I’ve heard many times before. His works are so inspiring and can’t stop wondering how long it took to make these little tiny tile works. The very first photo is Casa Batllo and rest were taken at Park Guell.

以前行ったスペイン旅行の写真。 噂通りバルセロナはガウディの町と行っていい程ちょっと歩くと彼の素敵な建物が沢山見れて感動。彼のタイル作品は出来上がるまでに一体どれくらいの時間がかかっているのだろう。。一番最初の写真はカサバトリョ、後の3つはグエル公園で撮った写真達。

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