I was still full this morning from the turkey dinner last night. These cookies were the only cooking (baking) I did for thanksgiving (I always have so much fun doing icing decoration!), but we had such delicious meals from others. I’m wondering what your black friday plans are. Did you go shopping? I’ve never managed to go early in the morning.. Have a great long weekend!

今朝は昨日のサンクスギビングディナーでまだお腹がいっぱいだった私。このクッキー達が唯一私が作った物だけど(アイシングのデコレーションが楽しすぎ!)、他の皆の美味しい料理で大満足。今日はBlack Fridayと言う感謝祭の翌日の大きなセールの日で夜中から開いてる店も多いのです。行った人いるかな?私は早起きして行った事ないけど。。皆様よい週末を!

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Thank you so much for your support :)

34 thoughts on “thanksgiving

  1. letizia

    love the cookies pic ! I’m glad you enjoyed thanksgiving ! we don’t celebrate it in europe. Tomorrow I should go shopping for Christmas presents !

  2. Leanne

    those cookies look so delicious and cute!

    we don’t have thanksgiving or black friday here in australia. black friday sounds hectic but the sales sound sooo good!


    These cookies are adorable. And I just caught up on your posts and from the looks of it so are you!! I can’t get away from granny knits either…esp when the weather is cold and rainy. :)

    Much love!

    xx THE CHEAP

  4. kristina@beancakes ★

    hi akiko! hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving! and by the looks of those gorgeous cookies, i’m so sure that you did!! i did not make it out on black friday ~ i almost did but then i told myself that i didn’t want to deal w. any of the craziness!! beautiful photos here as always my friend, have a great evening akiko!!
    xoxo ~ kristina

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