a piece of cloth

One more shot from hawaii. Wearing a piece of cloth which can be worn as a skirt or dress. I don’t remember where, when and why I got this very tropical cloth, but I remember I never had a chance to wear it. So hawaii was the perfect place to put it on to just walk around and hang out at the beach. 


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Thank you so much for your support :)

38 thoughts on “a piece of cloth

  1. kristina

    akiko, you look so pretty in this hawaiian-inspired wrap dress!! ah!! don’t you just wish that you were back in hawaii right now??, i so do!! have a wonderful thursday my friend!! fingers still crossed!!
    xx ~ k

  2. Flara

    I envy you stay in Hawaii! This must be an amazing experience to be there:) You look fabulous and very happily:) kisses,

  3. Cinz

    Looks like you had a fab time there!!!:D Love your tropical dress. I actually bought a sarong in a floral print similar to yours when i went to Thailand many years ago. And yes, up to this day,i still find it hard to have an occasion to wear it,lol. Maybe i need to go to Hawaii and flaunt my sarong,haha.


  4. Isabel Bianchi

    OMG!! You are in Hawaii!! I went there like 8 years ago or so and it was amazing!!!!!! I bought there a bag with the same print as yours!! I envy so much the great weather you are having there!! In Spain freezing is the it-word! hehe!!
    Have a nice stay there!!

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