spoon fork bacon

My love of food photographies has continued to grow, and there are great food blogs I look forward to reading on a daily basis (includes simply breakfast I’ve posted before). Ever since one of my blogger friend told me about spoon fork bacon, I added to my favorite list and dream about their food.. I know their photographies are much better than a drawing, but I drew them anyway!

相変わらず食べ物写真が大好きでお気に入りフードブログを見るのが日課になってる私(前に載せたsimply breakfastもその一つ)。そしてブログ仲間が教えてくれたspoon fork baconもリストに追加、食べたいなぁと眺める日々なのです。今度自分でも作ってみようと思いつつとりあえずイラストに描いてみました。

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Thank you so much for your support :)

30 thoughts on “spoon fork bacon

  1. Tatj

    I love your drawing, it reminds me the one you did for Simply Breakfast. Anyway I thought that the raisins were real on the left, the two ones in the middle! I love that deep blue on the right – it get me on nerves because I hate give that name to any blue, “deep blue”, I’m a stickler, the biggest stickler for shades of colors.


  2. kristina

    akiko – once again these are so beautiful, i love their food photography too! and you’ve captured the look just perfectly!! wishing you a wonderful tuesday my friend ;) ;) ;)

  3. Akiko

    Thank you all for the comments! @ Carmen, I paint them myself using watercolor and ink. No special program on my computer..!

  4. Mandy

    Oh my gosh, you drew them? Wow, you’re so incredibly talented! I love food blogs too – have you see nordljus? I think you would love her photography and recipes! :)

    You have a great blog – I love your layout and the contents of your posts. Following you now (yay, 190th member!).

    Thank you for your lovely comment, hope you’ll pop back in soon and maybe even follow as well!

    <3 Mandy xx

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