vintage chanel

zara top, denim from japan, vintage chanel bag, aldo shoes
I’ve had this gifted vintage chanel bag for years, but haven’t really worn it (not sure why..). For that reason I was going to give it to my sister. So I used it before saying good-bye to the bag yesterday, and changed my mind. It’s definitely not a new looking, but perfect for casual outfits too.


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Thank you so much for your support :)

41 thoughts on “vintage chanel

  1. maggie

    Super classic and comfy outfit! I love the statement your shoes make :)
    and the vintage Chanel bag is gorgeous

    xx maggie

  2. CY

    Thank you for your comment on my blog :) Your vintage Chanel is LOVELY! If you don’t know who to give it to, I will give you my address…haha. I just posted a new OOTD with a vintage Dior clutch! Hope you enjoy ^_^

    I have joined your blog via GFC! Hope you will do the same for me!

  3. kristina

    i’m so glad that you’ve changed your mind akiko haha! i would never give that bag away, not even to my dear sister!! and you look just stunning – i LOVE your hair! and your jeans {the way that they fit is perfect on you} the gold necklace and pumps!!!!! hope you’re having a wonderful weekend akiko, love these photos!!

  4. everydaykatherine

    your blog is great! only 201 followers?! how is this possible?!
    well, i’m the newest one (on GFC and Bloglovin’). i really like your stylings.

    it’d be cool if you’d follow me back :)

  5. rae

    i think that it is an absolutely lovely bag, so it was a good choice to keep it! the shape is quite different than the classic shapes you see a lot of people carrying around, but it just adds to it’s vintage feel :) great shoes as well :)

    <3 rae

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