f21 shirt, american eagle shorts, leather island belt
I love denim. Denim jeans, shorts, shirts or even accessories. Although I don’t normally wear more than one piece at a time as it seems difficult to pull it off, I tried after seeing some of my favorite looks. Found it quite fun. Anyway, I feel little tired today for no reason. Maybe I should take a look at beautiful island photos for a little mind trip..!

デニムはパンツもシャツも大好きだけど、2つを一緒に着る事は滅多にないアイテム。けどデニムonデニムをかっこ良く着こなしてる人達を見て試しに着てみたら新鮮でいいかも☆ 所で今日は体がダルい。。風邪とかのダルさでなく何かシャキっとしない感じで作業もダラけがち。こうなったら南国の写真でも見ようかな〜

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31 thoughts on “denimdenim

  1. ねこちゃん

    denim looks are so cool! Love your cute bracelets and the necklace and the belt is pretty awesome too.. I’ve been wanting on of these for such a long time now! (the ones with the broad buckle)

  2. Yuki


    ブログではポルトガル語でUPしてますが, あきこさんは英語&日本語でUPしているのですね, すご~い!

  3. Minnie

    Akiko the denim on denim look great, I would love to try it too… your blog is very inspiring me, i am your new follower. Follow me back if you wish too:-)

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