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This week has been pretty busy making designs, but I like this way as I could focus more when I have multiple deadlines. It’s like finished your homework the day before the end of the summer vacation. I’m still the same.. The photo is some pieces from my shorts collection. I always convince myself not to get it anymore, then start wondering if I want to add a neon color..!   

今週は締め切りが重なり昼夜逆転気味でデザインを作っていたけど、集中できていい感じ。いくつものプロジェクトを抱えてる人からしたらまだまだだけどこういう感じでもっと忙しく仕事ができます様に、、☆ しかし締め切りが近づかないと集中できないのは学校の宿題をギリギリになって始めたあの頃と変わってない。。写真はいくつあっても欲しくなるショートパンツの一部達☆

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Thank you so much for your support :)

22 thoughts on “more shorts

  1. Xixia

    Ah all your shorts look so cute! Especially the pink one and the floral one. ^^
    But hahah, that’s what I keep telling myself with any clothes when it comes to shopping…I very rarely listen. Anyways, good luck meeting your deadlines!
    ♥ xixia |

  2. Kat

    Those shorts are awesome!! I wish I could wear them… my white legs would blind you for sure. :(


  3. kristina

    Akiko – i love your shorts collection, such nice pieces! and i love the artistic look of this collage and the way in which you’ve pieced it together!!

  4. Joy

    I have the burgundy lace ones! Their really comfy. The floral ones are really pretty!

  5. Stephanie Lin

    Oh I love your shorts! Especially that last row. They’re fantastic! I’m also dearly in love with your blog right now. I just have to follow you. I look forward to reading more from you!

  6. Not Just Another Milla

    Not that is a serious shorts collection! Love short shorts as they’re pretty versatile. I think I have three pairs, one of which my six-year old niece thinks look the same as hers. It may be time to retire said pair…

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