portrait giveaway II

Thank you all so much for supporting my blog. It’s time for my second portrait giveaway!
I draw your portrait (with or without your name, blog name etc).

* I’ll discuss the details with a winner.
You can put my drawing on your blog like my first giveaway winner Kristina from beancakes

The winner will receive..
  “Three postcards of your portrait” by mail.
  “Two files (One for website, The other for printing out)” by E-mail.

To enter the giveaway :
 – Follow me on Google Friend Connect and Bloglovin
 * An extra entry, Tweet about this giveaway or follow me on Instagram (let me know if you did)
 – Leave me a comment below.

The closing date is Aug.19, 2012.
This is an international giveaway. So anyone can participate. Look forward to hearing from you!
Update: Winner is Sharon of the tiny heart! Congratulations :)

沢山ブログがある中、Style Importedを読んでくれてありがとうございます。どなたかのポートレイトを描かせてもらいたいと思います(名前、ブログ名の記載も可)。


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Thank you so much for your support :)

42 thoughts on “portrait giveaway II

  1. Marianne Krohn

    OMG, Akiko, I’d love to have my portrait drawn by you on my blog soooooo much. I’ve been following you on GFC and bloglovin’ for a while now.
    As of now I’m following you on Instagram (@ahintofredness) and I’m also going to tweet the giveaway. Less change for me, but I think your skills deserve to be known by so many more people! ;-)

  2. GiGi

    Amazing giveaway! It would be so cool to have a portrait done by you :DDD
    I’ve been following you via GFC (name: GiGi) and bloglovin’!


  3. ねこちゃん

    wuaaaaaaah =) I’m so excited!!! the portrait above is beautiful and I would love to have a portrait drawn by you so much Akiko!
    I follow you with bloglovin and gfc and tweeted about your giveaway here ~~~> https://twitter.com/nekoblog_ch :)
    and we already follow eachother on instagram! (ninnikuneko)
    Have a fun Giveaway! 。*:★(´・ω・人・ω・`)。:゜★。

  4. my thrifty closet

    Wow this is such an awesome giveaway Akiko. I’m glad that i came at the right time. Followed you on GFC and bloglovin. Keep up the wonderful work! And thank you very much for this give away. Have a lovely weekend!


  5. Xixia

    Akiko, first, beautiful portrait, like always! I am definitely entering this giveaway ( I have already followed you! ), and I would be so incredibly lucky to win.
    Also, I saw your portrait of Sho on her site. So beautiful! I hope you feature it on your site later as well. :)
    hearts; xixia | thisisxixia.com

  6. kristina

    I just love my portrait Akiko!! And I will enter again haha! Just kidding, you don’t have to count me, but I will tweet about it!!

  7. Alice

    Hello there Akiko!
    I just came across your blog the other day from Sho&Tell…I definitely already love your blog :)

    You have some major drawing skills and I wold absolutely love to win a piece by you <3
    I saw the picture that you drew of Shoko as well as the one you drew of Rachel and they are STUNNING.

    I made sure to follow you on Google Friend Connect (as A) and on Bloglovin’.
    If I had an Instagram, I would follow you there as well!

    Thanks so much for this amazing giveaway.
    I’m dying a little bit of happiness right now.
    I’m keeping every single one of my fingers crossed.

    Good luck to everyone entering this giveaway! <3

    Have a lovely weekend Akiko (and everyone else who sees this)!

    The Ace of Hearts

    P.S. You have such a cool name! I love Japanese names (and pretty much all things Japanese) since they’re soooo cute! :D

  8. E


    Thank you for the comment on my blog! You were asking what kind of camera I use? I use a Canon Rebel T1i.

    I love you art work! You have a special talent for art.

    I’m following you on blogger and bloglovin.

    I hope I win!!

    <3 Emi

  9. Chelsea C.

    Hi Akiko! I found your blog through Shoko at Sho and Tell and I just love it here! Following you on Bloglovin’, and heading to GFC to follow you right now!
    Thanks a bunch.

  10. Tulip Love

    Ooh, this is a really cool giveaway! I’ve never had a portrait done before ^^

    GFC name: Tulip Love
    Email: field-of-tulips(at)hotmail(dot)com

    And just started following via bloglovin too~

  11. Henry Chen

    This is a great giveaway~ I saw the portrait that you did for Shoko and it was fabulous~

    I have followed on GFC and Bloglovin~ Hope I win, cuz I would love for you to do a portrait of my son! Thanks for the chance!

  12. Stephanie Lin

    Oh goodness gracious! How lovely would it be to have a portrait of me done by you. You’re delightfully talented! I follow you on GFC and Bloglovin, and definitely on Instagram. (Alas, I do not have a twitter!) How exciting is this giveaway?!

  13. N

    hey!thank you for stopping by. I gladly follow you:) not only because of giveaway but you are talented! looking forward new posts:) but anyway great giveaway.
    Can you follow me back?:)

  14. Chani

    Such a cool giveaway! You’re really good! I am following you on GFC as Chani and as Chani et Binou on Bloglovin. Thank you!

  15. Stephanie

    Hello Akiko! Your portraits are beautifully done; you are quite a talented artist! Keep up the wonderful work! I would love to win a chance to have you draw a portrait of me.
    Your Google Friend Connect link doesn’t work, but I’ll try again, but in the meantime, I followed you on twitter (@ohstephaniee) and on instagram (@ohstephaniee) as well!

  16. Micaela

    this has to be the most awesome (for lack of a better word!) giveaway i’ve ever seen!!! please count me in :)

    xo micaela

    (following on good friend connect)

  17. Eleanor

    I love your work! I just began following you on twitter and blog lovin. I’m so happy to have found your blog and art by way of Shoko’s blog, Sho & Tell! :) I would love to win.

  18. Girl Lilikoi

    Oh this is wonderful! So chic lit illustration! I love to draw too but mine is more doodly. Did you draw yours using vector? You have amazing talent Akiko. Unfortunately I deactivated my GFC so I cant participate on the giveaway. But Im following you on bloglovin. Good luck on the giveaway dear and thank you for the lovely comments on my blog



    Yay! I’m so glad I have another chance to be drawn by you~ Your style of art is so nice, simple, but so unique too <3

    I’ve been following you via GFC under Kassidy and I also follow you on instagram! My username is kyasedi <3

  20. Kate B.

    I love your work and would love a portrait! (I don’t have a blog though–just a love for off-beat original art!)

  21. Akiko

    Thank you all! @ Kate B, I’m happy to hear you like my work :) As I don’t have your contact info, hope you’ll see my comment here. Thank you :)

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