larsson and jennings

larssonand jenning
larssonand jenning2
                                                larsson and jennings larder watch
I’d been keeping an eye on this larsson and jennings watch for quite sometime and finally got it (both for my birthday and christmas gift from me)! It’s just as beautiful as I imagined it. It’s been so long since I wore a watch (Yes, thanks to the cell phone), but I’ve realized lately that whenever I open my iPhone just to check time, I end up screwing around with something else (aka. instagram). Now, I don’t have to do it anymore and am absolutely loving this watch.

1年位前からずっとほしかったlarsson and jenningsの時計をやっと購入☆ 感謝祭の後数日だけセールしてた時に買ったけど、イギリスから送られてきたので何だかの費用がかかり結局アメリカで買うのとそんなに変わらなかった、、けど想像してた通りの時計ですっごくお気に入り。もう10年以上時計してなかったけど最近時間をチェックする為にスマホ見たのに結局他の事(主にインスタグラムやメールチェック)をしてる事に気づきシンプルな時計に心が惹かれました。使うのも久しぶりだけど時計を買ったのが始めてかも(この歳で。。)ずっと前に妹からもらって暫く使ってた(そして無くした)グッチの枠を替えられる時計が懐かしい!

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marie turnor clutch

marie turner clutch
marie turnor clutch
                   vince sweater, marie turnor clutch, céline sunglasses, rag and bone boots
This Marie Turnor lunch clutch I bought few years ago has been my favorite of all. It’s a clutch but holds good amount of stuff, even my big wallet. I really recommend it if you like clutch, but want to carry all of your stuff! I haven’t bought any bags at all for a while (since this beauty), and satisfy my small bag collection now. What is your favorite bag?
 *I’ll be exhibiting my Art prints and selling greeting cards at Ego Fine Art this weekend. Please come by if you’re around Redondo Beach!

元々クラッチ好きだけど、お財布やらをそのまま入れられないのがちょっと面倒で使わない事も多いけど、このMarie Turnorのバッグはクラッチとは思えない収納力ですごくお気に入り。これはかなり前に買った物だけど黒も欲しくなってきてるこの頃です

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floppy hat

floppy hat look
floppy hat look
phillip lim pashli bag
     Rag and bone shirt, uniqlo pants, céline sunglasses, phillip lim pashli bag, dolche vita boots
I’ve been stuck my home working in a sweat pants with no make-up lately. So it was nice to be finally outside the other day. I should be out in the sun more often.. I feel like wearing a hat lately. Fedora or floppy hat are my favorite. It’s getting pretty chill around here, I can feel holiday season is coming soon (or is it already?)

最近一日中スエット上下にノーメイクでこもって仕事してたので久しぶりにちゃんとした格好して日の光を浴びた感じ。すぐもぐらの様な生活になってしまうので気をつけないないと。。 この辺りも急に寒くなってもうすぐホリデーシーズンだなぁと感じるこの頃。ハロウィン頃からもうホリデーシーズンなのだろうか。。? 最近久しぶりにハットの気分です

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down vest

down vest style
down vest look

            bcbd down vest, vince top, uniqlo pants, mansur gavriel tote, rag and bone boots
I think I finally figured out how useful down vest is last year. The weather in LA has been very nice, but it can be super hot in the middle of the day and get ‘totally need a jacket’ temperature at night, which is perfect for a down vest. It’s easy to carry around and so warm, but won’t get super hot without sleeves. Love. My mac book scared me yesterday (didn’t turn on), but got fixed without a major repair / any charge. So grateful

数年位前にやっとダウンベストが使える事に気づいてからかなり着てるずっと前に母が買ってくれたベスト。暫く全然着なかったので誰かにあげたか寄付したかと思ってたけど残っててよかった☆今では一番のお気に入りジャケットです。そんな事もあるんだなぁ。昨日はマックが立ち上がらず数ヶ月前に修理したのが又悪くなったかと慌ててAppleに持って行った所別の原因ですぐ直りました 嬉。あっバックアップとらなきゃ

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gray x black

grey outfit
mansur gavriel tote
                splendid top, zara shorts, mansur gavriel tote, rag and bone newbury boots
Finally the temperature dropped down a bit and it gets chilly at night (I love it!). This is what I wore when I went to Sunday brunch at dim sum restaurant with my husband. Anyway, I’ve been saying all my life, but I’m again determined to become a morning person. Both my sister and husband are saying it won’t happen (I understand completely ha), I’ll give it a try again. Let me know if you have any tips… P.s. I’m so into this larsson and jennings watch now


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