You might remember I’ve mentioned few times that I love the quality over quantity concept *for everything, but I’m particularly talking about clothes here. I always try to keep this in mind and have started to work for a past few seasons. However, it hasn’t applied to my lingeries (mostly
bras) and wonder if it should be the first thing women should try?  At least I had fun drawing these delicate looking beautiful lingeries. for now.
* Now it’s available on Art print. You can see the details at akrDesignStudio!


steven alan spring15

Now in the middle of Fashion week, I drew some of my favorite looks from Steven Alan SS15 collection, which is one of my absolute favorite collections so far. I’m more into literally a ‘ready to wear’ look this season. Loving the see-through long skirt and how cool the tied up shirts is!

これから秋冬本番だけど今は来春のコレクションFashion weekの真っ最中。前にも増してすぐに着れそうなショーに目が行く様に。今回のSteven alanのコレクションは特にお気に入りだったのでいくつかイラストに描いてみました。どれもすぐに着れそうな格好ばかりで◎

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fall accessories

I’m still in the mood for monochrome and here are some items from my wish list for fall. I can’t even imagine having a scarf around my neck now due to the heat wave, but can’t wait!
– Grey scarf : preferably good quality wool one
– Mansur Gavriel bucket bag : I’m loving their tote bag, and sure I’ll be good with bucket bag too
– Mansur Gavriel backpack : It’s all sold out everywhere along with other items.. 
– Grey sneakers : As my black and white pairs are so useful, so next color is easily grey.

– グレーマフラー – ウールのマフラーが◎
– Mansur Gavriel バケットバッグ : トートがとても気に入ってるのでバケットバッグもいいなぁ
– Mansur Gavriel バックパック : 他のアイテム同様どこも売り切れだけどね、、 
– グレースニーカー: 白と黒のスニーカーがとても使えるので次はグレーかな?と思ってる所

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j crew denim

Did you see J.Crew’s new denim collection? I love them and it makes me look forward to fall season. Our style is constantly changing, and my style has changed quite a lot too ever since I started this blog. I used to wear lot more colors etc, but I think the (only?) thing that we never get tired of is denim- either boots cut, straight or skinny ones (remember low rise?). Denim is always the ones we keep in our closet, right?

J.Crew 秋のデニムシリーズが素敵だったのでイラストに描いてみました。好きなスタイルや流行は変わり続けるけど、デニムはいつも変わらず定番。ブーツカットやスキニーだったり(懐かしのローライズだったり)形は変わるけどデニムが出て来ない時期はない様な気がします。最近暫くはボーイフレンドかな? 秋も楽しみ

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la eat : three places to get donuts

Do you like donuts? To me, I forget about them if I don’t eat them for a while, but get so addicted once I eat one. A donut can change the way I eat. Here are my three favorite donuts shops in Los Angeles, and I’m happy to know new places if you have recommendation. Where ever I go, my favorite is simple glazed. Click “Read More” to see my favorite shops.

食べない時は全く忘れてしまう存在だけど、一度食べ始めるとハマって立て続けに欲しくなるドーナツ。最近も久しぶりに私の中でブームがきてたのでお店を紹介したいと思います。定番過ぎて入れなかったけどKrispy Kremeも美味しい。日本でもまだ人気かな?どのお店に行ってもシンプルGlazedがお気に入り☆ 下記クリックするとお店リスト載ってます。

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