monochrome summer wishlist

I recently discovered ASOS has so many affordable options of everything.. (so late, I know!). It was almost surprising when I research for a black dress. I’m not much of an online shopper when it comes to clothing, but ‘free return’ option makes me want to try one or two..


trend alert: wide pants + flat sandals

I just realized it’s been about a year since I posted about Birkenstock, and the Birkenstock-ish sandals are literally everywhere now. You see them right? As I mentioned before, I’m still not so into the birks (as fashion), but love the flat sandals we can find this Spring/Summer season. Especially the combination with wide pants. It’s hard to pull it off (I need more height!), but it looks extra cool when people like Kaitlyn of Modern Legacy wear the combinations. Always fun to draw someone inspires me!

見てみたらちょうど1年前にBirkenstockの記事を書いてたけど、今年の春夏はまさにどのブランドも同じ様なサンダルを出してますね。ファッションとしてのBirksサンダルはあまり惹かれないけど(普段の買い物とかには良さそうだが)、沢山でてる他のフラットサンダルは惹かれるっ。イラスト描くために色々サイト見てたら欲しくなってきちゃった。。特にワイドパンツをフラットの組み合わせは中々着こなしが難しいけどイラストに描いたブロガーのKaitlynみたいにスタイルがいい人が着ると素敵! この春夏一押しの組み合わせです☆
Here are some of flat shoes I picked. * Kaitlyn wore 1. Common Projects sandals
1. Common Project slide sandals
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