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magiclamp1 magiclamp3 magiclamp2This place is called Magic Lamp in Long Beach, CA and became one of my favorite places to eat. Everything on the plate was so delicious and I especially loved tabbouli salad (chopped parsley and tomatoes). Oh, but I can’t get enough of the chicken and humus with pita bread too. So.. all were so yummy!   

ロングビーチにあるMagic Lampと言うレバノン料理のレストランへ。2回目だったけど前回同様オーダーしたチキンやハマス全部美味しかった。ハマスは一緒についてくるピタパンと一緒に。特にパセリ&トマトのタブリサラダが私の好みで大のお気に入り。

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