ketchup pasta

napolitanNaporitan is the name of this pasta with ketchup sauce, which is quite popular dish in japan. It’s very easy to make when I don’t have any sauce to use, and I think it’s tasty too. However, I heard it usually doesn’t happen in the us.. Is it true that people don’t use ketchup for pasta sauce here? or any other countries..?? hmmm

パスタソースがない時に作れる簡単ナポリタン。だけどアメリカではケチャップをパスタソースにする事はまずない、、と聞いた事が。確かにレストランでは見た事ないけど、自炊でもありえないのかな?美味しいのにー 。それにしても野菜が片側によりすぎ。。

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5 thoughts on “ketchup pasta

  1. Natasha

    I never thought to use ketchup but I don’t think ketchup in North America is the same… The only pasta I’ve ever put it on is Kraft Dinner (delicious!)

    These look amazing! OveLoves

  2. kristina@beancakes ❤

    yummy!! this looks so good! and yes, it is very japanese. i guess here in the states they don’t normally use ketchup in pasta sauce ~ they should though right?! have a great week-end my friend & thanks for sharing this ;)
    xo ~ kristina

  3. akiko

    Thank you all! @ Kristina, I know! I think people here like it too. :)
    @ Strawberry freckleface, It’s so easy. just add ketchup after mixing all together. It tastes kind of sweet I guess, so adding pepper would be good idea too. Hope you like it!

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