paper denim & cloth

paperdenim_me3 paperdenim_mer paperdenim_detail         random top from japan, paper denim & cloth denim, coach clutch
Wearing a top I bought in japan for a couple years ago which was almost forgotten.. I used to wear it a lot and just remembered how much I love this loose fit top. I’ve also had this boots cut denim for years and still one of my favorite. As you see, I love to keep my favorite clothing as long as possible :)

日本で買ったレースのトップ。久しぶりに着たら前は大のお気に入りでよく着てたのを思い出しました。paperdenim & clothのブーツカットデニムも随分前に購入した物だけど今も大好きなデニム。友達がくれた断捨離系の本を読んでからかなり服も処分したので、ずっと長く着れるお気に入り達にはますます愛着が湧くこの頃です♪

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