blue crush

bluedot_top blue_nails navy_bagr bluejean
I’ve been trying to post this for a while after I did something olive back in June, but haven’t been able to take enough photos (of my blue items). So I’m glad I can finally post this and will try to do “Color Palette”again as these are my favorite. Hope you like it.! Here’s something blue among my belongings.  From top : Polka dot top I bought in Japan, OPI. HL811-play’til midnight, Jas M.B London suede bag, Blue jeans, Mac eye shadow-fade

6月にsomething oliveを載せた後、ブルーバージョンも載せようと前に写真を撮っていたのだけど、最近青アイテムの写真が追加できて今になって載せれました。又このカラーシリーズを載せたいなぁっと思ってます。私のブルーアイテム達:日本で買ったトップ、OPI. HL811-play’til midnight、Jas M.B London スエードバッグ、ブルーデニム達、Macアイシャドゥ-fade

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Thank you so much for your support :)

12 thoughts on “blue crush

  1. akiko

    Thank you all ! @ Miu, yes.. it looks like it (never noticed!), but I think it’s just a photo. Probably because It has shimmer in it.

  2. TC

    Hi, aki-san!
    Do you remember me? (^-^)
    Since I noticed your other blog wasn’t updated, I’ve decided to post a comment here!
    Glad to know you’re well and enjoying your life.


  3. akiko


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