taupe to gelato

sequin_dress mac_bag gelatoMy current love : The sequin tee dress which can be worn both casual and dressy. I especially love the dull taupe color. Marc by Marc Jacobs computer bag. Italian gelato place I found in Huntington Beach. Yum!


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15 thoughts on “taupe to gelato

  1. another side

    wow ! I totally love this sequin tee dress !and you have a macbook pro right? I dream of having a bag like this to carry my macbook when I go to college:) And the last picture is awesome. (I hope my English is correct?)


  2. Joyce

    I love sequins and I love the color taupe as well. It’s a very subtle color that looks sophisticated and relaxed :) Ahhh gelato!! The photograph looks spectacular. I used to work at a gelato store :P

  3. DelbaMé

    I love love that sequin top! It’ll look great on you:)
    Also love the computer bag, very cute!
    Thanks for browsing my blog!


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