lace skirt

lace_skirtAlthough I love to get rid of some clothes to clean up my closet every season, I have certain items I simply can’t toss. These skirts are one of them as I love the lace so much. It can be worn as a midi skirt or a bare top dress, which I never noticed before. How nice :) I’m glad I finally finished changing my closet to fall clothes.    


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Thank you so much for your support :)

9 thoughts on “lace skirt

  1. kristina@beancakes ★

    hi akiko! i love your lace skirts ~ they are so pretty!! i need to refresh my closet as well, thanks for your reminder! and yes, the “k” on the bucket stands for my name ;) ;), that’s my little sis’ as you probably guessed! hope your weekend’s going great so far ;) ;)
    xx ~ ks

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