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jfein_ring2How beautiful is this ring? J.Fein Designs, eco-friendly jewelry brand based in Bay area, kindly sent me this gorgeous ring as a gift. I fell in love with the vintage style and handcrafted wooden base makes it so comfortable to wear. Thank you so much for sending me this amazing gift and I can’t wait to wear!

サンフランシスコのジュエリーブランドJ.Fein Designsがこの素敵な指輪をプレゼントしてくれました。ビンテージっぽい雰囲気でとってもお気に入り。指輪の部分は木でできていてつけ心地もすごくいいし付けるのが楽しみ!

人気ブログランキングへにほんブログ村 ファッションブログ トレンド情報(ファッション)へ
Thank you so much for your support :)

34 thoughts on “j.fein designs

  1. kristina@beancakes ★

    hi akiko! i just LOVE j.fein rings!! and this one is absolutely gorgeous ~ i think that it will look perfect on you!! i hope you had a great day friend and thanks again as always for your kind support!! ;) ;) ;)
    xoxo ~ kristina

  2. alex

    wow that’s a really pretty ring! i could definitely see it in many different outfits. and eco-friendly jewelery too? they definitely get +50 awesome points for that :O

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