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Time goes by much faster as we get older, and it was my birthday last weekend. Thank you all for remembering and celebrating my birthday:) All the messages and gifts I have received makes me so happy. Here are random shots from the weekend.. Can’t get enough of the burgundy + lace shorts. Birthday dinner with my boyfriend at Scott’s. My order was Alaskan halibut and it was great dinner- you’re the best! Loving the gifted scented candle, thank you jenny:) I’ve never had ginger ale tastes exactly like ginger. Best wishes for a happy year ahead..

年を重ねるごとに月日の流れが早くなるけど、今年も無事誕生日を迎える事ができました。皆誕生日を覚えててくれてメッセージやギフトどうもありがとぅ!いくつになっても嬉しい限り&毎年本当に有り難い。ランダムな写真達は、、バーガンディとレースの組み合わせがお気に入りのショーツ。彼が連れて行ってくれたScott’sでのバースディディナー。オーダーはハリバット&美味しかった! 友達がプレゼントしてくれた可愛いキャンドル。まさにショウガの味に驚いたジンジャエール。今年も良い1年になります様に。。

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Thank you so much for your support :)

24 thoughts on “birthday

  1. kristina@beancakes ★

    oh happy birthday to you akiko!! i hope you had a fabulous day ~ and i am IN LOVE w. those burgundy lace shorts!! where did you get those?, i need them! and i love your j.fein ring {it looks so great on your hand} and of course i can’t forget about all of this delectable food!! happy tuesday to you my friend!!
    xoxo ~ kristina
    p.s. thanks for your sweet support as always ;)

  2. Tatj

    Happy birthday to you – sorry for being in late, anyway it was mine a couple days ago.. of weeks now, time runs so fast !

    I like the picture, it envies me to go to shopping, and eat. Like the candles, also.

    PS : thanks for your last comment, I was touched, really.

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