It’s been so warm in SoCal last couple of days, and it made me want to post something colorful and springy. I’ve been trying to get a t-shirt graphic done since yesterday, but have no idea how to even start.. So I started blogging and eating snacks instead, and now I feel like cleaning up my room.. Does it happen to you? It happens to me whenever I feel stuck.. Have a nice weekend and thank you so much for reading my blog!
               1. My juicy couture skirt. Love when I can re-use my old pieces
               2. Amazing Wild Fox look book. I’d never thought pink hair looks so good
               3. Gifted socks keeps me warm on cold nights
           4, 5. Mini burgers & cupcakes my friend made for her kid’s bd party. How cute are they? 

               1. Juicy couture のスカート。昔のアイテムが又使えそうだと嬉しい限り
               2. キレイな写真がお気に入りのWild Foxのlook book
               3. プレゼントでもらった暖かい靴下。寒い夜には欠かせません。
           4, 5. キッズ誕生日パーティにてミニバーガーと友達の可愛い手作りカップケーキ

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Thank you so much for your support :)

43 thoughts on “pinkish

  1. Marisa Noelle

    Ooh I love all this pink explosion going on…so cheery and Springy. That skirt is the perfect shade of pink and each and every one of these photos is completely darling:)

  2. Ally

    I LOVE this pink post! Pink will always be my favourite color…seeing anything pink automatically makes me happy. A pop of pink in any outfit always looks so fabulous, too!

    xoxo Ally

  3. Tatj

    I love pink but not every pink because each pink gives a different style to your outfit I think. I love coral pink and pastel for spring and summer, old pink because it brings something warm in winter, and neon pink for it laid-back touch that I love with a jean short, torn.
    Anyway I love these pictures, about the pink hair, I think that the model Charlotte Free is still a pink haired girl!

    bisou, Tatj

  4. Laura

    Yes, I was writing about the makeup from the stars ..

    I’m sorry that you couldn’t read it, but if you want to, click on the translation-button on the top of my blog! :)
    And chose ‘english’ ;)

    lovely greetings ♥

    and these photos are very cute, like the pink.


  5. kristina

    hi akiko – ah! pink! i love everything! those little mini hamburgers are so cute and i agree that the pink hair looks pretty darn amazing!! and i’m also loving your pink skirt = so so cute!! wishing you a wonderful saturday my friend!!

  6. jamie

    its been really warm up here in central california, too! blogging and eating are usually the two things that stop me from doing a lot in my days, haha! these photos are so cute! hope you had a relaxing weekend<3

  7. NaNa

    Love all this pink stuff! It’s my favourite colour, I absolutely go crazy for anything pink so I love this post!

    ♥ from the NaNa girls x

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