simply stripe

uniqlo top, american eagle shorts, coach bag, diy earrings
Wearing a top I bought at uniqlo during my stay in japan. It’s so simple yet comfortable, and I’ll be wearing it a lot this spring for sure-  p.s. My adorable nephew wears lots of striped tee too. He’s the cutest in my opinion :) I did even steal his clothes from my sister and took outfit photo-

トップは帰国すると必ず立ち寄るユニクロで購入。シンプルだけど着心地よくこのシーズンかなり着る予感。そういえば可愛い甥っ子君もよくストライプT着てたなーと写真を見返してたら載せずにはいられず 笑。かわいいぃ
Have a nice weekend!

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Thank you so much for your support :)

17 thoughts on “simply stripe

  1. kristina

    you are right akiko, he is indeed the cutest!! reminds me of my nephew, he looks just adorable in those stripes and you do as well! stripes are just so classic and versatile, i love them with your jean shorts!! have a great night akiko!!

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