almost weekend

I was like it’s already May? a couple days ago, and now already Friday..? Anyway, hope all have a nice weekend!
                  1. This isn’t me. The mixing accessories are so pretty – from LF Stores Lookbook
                  2. This is my cooking -Broccoli Quiche- Recipe here. Yum!

先日もう5月っ?って驚いてたのに今日は今日で えっもう金曜?。。日本はGWだ〜皆様良い週末を!
                  1. これは私ではありません。重ね付けアクセが可愛い LF Stores Lookbook
                  2. これは私が作ったブロッコリーキッシュ。美味しかった☆ 

人気ブログランキングへにほんブログ村 ファッションブログ トレンド情報(ファッション)へ
Thank you so much for your support :)

18 thoughts on “almost weekend

  1. Sonali Khosla

    The dress in the first pic is beautiful!! Love the starry print! Everything looks DELICIOUS!
    Thanks for the sweet comment :)

  2. kristina

    akiko! i love this little silver star pattern, very pretty! and that quiche looks divine, what an awesome cook you are my dear! hope you had a wonderful weekend and cheers to a happy monday akiko!!

  3. my thrifty closet

    Mmm…the quiche looks great…i like your clean styled photography. I love the accessories… boho chic.The dress is so pretty too


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