be bold

Here’s my illustration with an inspiring quote. I love using ink sometime, and black n white was refreshing to make. Hope you guys are having a nice week so far. One more day to go!

イラストとどこかで見つけた印象的な文。インクを使って描くとペンよりラフな仕上がりになる所がお気に入り。白黒もたまにはいいね☆ 今週も後1日で週末だっ

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Thank you so much for your support :)

23 thoughts on “be bold

  1. my thrifty closet

    cool drawings, I like the hair, the bangs are so cute…and they kind of look like you too…;-) You have very confident and smooth drawing strokes! Nice !


  2. Jenee C.

    Hi Akiko, your illustrations are amazing. You are one talented lady. I just cruised through your entire archive of illustrations. I love the way you use watercolour and ink, I feel like it’s such a hard medium to work with, but you do it so well and with so much detail. Just started following you on GFC and Bloglovin’ can’t wait to see more. Hope you’l come back and visit me again. Keep in touch.

  3. ardena rose

    you are so talented, i love your art-work! and this quote resonates so much with life, it should never be forgotten…

    thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving your sweet comment :) i hope you’ll be back soon!
    i’m so happy you led me to your blog and am now your latest follower :)

    ardena rose

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