Although we had only one day to explore the city, we managed to visit all the spots we wanted to go. The air in Sedona feels so clear and warm (not temperature-wise. It was the hottest day of our entire trip though), and I could tell why Sedona has been known as a spiritual power spot. p.s My white converse turned pink by the end of the day..  

セドナは1日の滞在だったけど行きたかった場所は大体行けたので満足。気温的には今回のRoad Trip の中で一番暑かったけど空気が澄んでいて何となく大きなエネルギーを感じました。パワースポットとして知られてるのが分かる素敵な場所でした。ちなみにこの時履いてる白のコンバースは赤土によりピンク色に。。

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Thank you so much for your support :)

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  1. Jasmine of ❤AdamAlexMommy❤

    these are amazing photos, akiko. :) you have a pretty face, and i’d love to visit one of these days! :) love your casually chic look. :)

    i just want to thank you for continuing to visit my blog and leaving lovely comments. :) i just followed you via google AND bloglovin… and definitely hoping to interact w/ you more! have a great wknd!


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