pink touch

How’s your summer so far? Here are some photos I took when I was out and about + my fav lookbook pic. I’m stuck inside all day today and didn’t get any sun, so try to feel nice breezy weather from the pictures now, haha- Hope you feel it too!
                     1. Palm tree lined street in Huntington Beach
                     2. Cute surf painting and pop cake at starbucks
                     3. Love the color of this picture. Lf store lookbook
                     4. Big burgar brunch at Cheesecake factory

                     1. ヤシの木が綺麗に並んでる Huntington Beachのストリート
                     2. ピンクが可愛いサーフの絵とスタバのポップケーキ
                     3.  ビンテージっぽい写真の色が好きなLf store lookbook 
                     4. Cheesecake factoryにてブランチバーガー

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Thank you so much for your support :)

30 thoughts on “pink touch

  1. Nicoleta_B

    Hello love,

    Thx so much for your lovely visit. I use a nikon 3100 and diffrent lense (18-55, 50 mm, 35 mm). And I am selling my camera btw :))

    You have a great blog here, loving the pictures. Gladly follow you via gfc and bloglovin. Hope u can follow me on both.

    Kisses form Italy,

  2. Kat

    Great photos :) And the food… delicious. I’m a sucker for french fries… so bad… but SOOOOO good!


  3. Lucíanonstop

    :) Thanks for the comment. I follow you on google and twitter :) My boyfriend´s camera is sony alpha 390. I hope I help you. And I hope you forgive my english, it´s so bad.


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