beach day

f21 romper and sandals, coach bag
I like romper since it’s like a dress, but more casual which makes it perfect summer item. Feel like I always wear the sandals though.. Hope you’re having a nice Monday! Can’t stop watching Olympics..! 


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23 thoughts on “beach day

  1. Xixia

    Hahahh, that’s what I think too, except I think they’re better. Whenever I’m wearing a dress and I think “gosh…I wish I didn’t have to wear that extra layer of short shorts,” then rompers are like my salvation! …except when I really need to pee. :P
    But ah, this is so cute! Love the floral print.
    ♥ xixia |

  2. Tatj

    I love your outfit, and the detail of the zipper! Anyway it sounds it’s summer everyday in your blog, I envy you (viva california).

  3. kristina

    Akiko, I love that floral jumpsuit, it looks so great on you! + those shoes give a nice touch of gold, so pretty! Hope you’re having a wonderful week so far Akiko + I too can’t get enough of the Olympics!!

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