It’s been so hot lately but I had a great experience watching “Meteor shower” in the weekend. We drove up a mountain to avoid city lights as much as we could, and settled on the very dark campground. We could end up seeing many shooting stars and it was amazing! I really wanted to share the pictures but couldn’t take any.. so here are random shots taken at soco recently.

週末急にペルセウス流星群を見に行く事になり夜な夜な家から1時間強のキャンプ場に行ってきました。前から見たいと思ってたけど機会がなく(+いつも情報が遅く)始めて山奥の真っ暗な所でみるチャンス到来 嬉。数時間いた間にいくつもの流れ星を見る事ができました。見た人いるかな?星の写真を載せたかったけど全く撮れず最近撮った関係ない写真達ですみません。。

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Thank you so much for your support :)

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  1. Xixia

    Oh that sounds like such a lovely night. So relaxing and talk about a beautiful sight. Meteor showers are magical.
    Also, yum…your lunch looks good! :)

    ♥ x i x i a |

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