Feels like the end of summer after the labor day weekend here in the usa. Although it’s still pretty hot even at night, summer is coming to an end. It’s always hard to say good bye, but a exciting change is coming to my life too. Here are the photos when we had a nice time at the beach. Hope you all had a nice summer


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25 thoughts on “nostalgia

  1. Stephanie Lin

    Oh I wish that summer wasn’t ending so soon. I’ve got a good two weeks of mine left before I’m off to school. I certainly hope that yours was fantastic :)

  2. Joana Vilaça

    Amazing shots, really beautiful and gorgeous <3 Lovely blog, I’m a new follower, if you’ve time I invite you to check my blog back *


  3. Lavish Rabbit

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  4. Tatj

    I love the photographs so much, and the oufit also, no matter how simple it is (I feel like I did a big mistake in my sentence, I’m french, and awful in english, I know it).

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