accidentally dior

Don’t you think the macarons I picked randomly at bottega luie looks like Miss Dior ad, color-wise? I was looking thorough these pictures and thought it reminds me of something. I couldn’t tell what it was first.. but figure it out! Coloring is always so important to me, so I once again felt the power of color. Anyway, my favorites were cappucino, earl grey and matcha. Over all all were so yum!

先週末 bottega luie で美味しそうなのを適当に選んで買ったマカロンの写真を見てたら何かの配色に似てる気が。。最初何か思い出せなかったけど、もしかしてとMiss Diorの広告を検索してみたらこ.れ.だ ! Fuschiaピンクとパステルの組み合わせが印象的で覚えてたみたい。デザインをする時色使いはとても重要なポイントですがやはり色の力ってすごいと感じた所。カプチーノとアールグレイが特に美味しかった。Yum!

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14 thoughts on “accidentally dior

  1. Adeline Yang

    the colors are superbly beautiful! i love that miss dior ad, so catchy when it was first released! and the macarons are, i believe, as nice as they look like.

  2. Margaux

    those macaroons are awesome!! i love them – but there isn’t anywhere near me that makes them. gorgeous colors!!


  3. akiko hiramatsu

    その後、駅のホームでStyle Importedを見ていたら、同じ写真があってびっくり!


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