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Ever since we moved into a new place, I am all about interior inspiration. I can’t stop looking at inspiring rooms online, and flipping through interior magazines instead of fashion ones. Here’s my wish list I’d love to welcome to our home.
  – Con Fettt System’s Tassel Garland : How pretty it is? I especially love this color
  – Big Mirror : Any would be nice. Vintage sounds good too
  – LeLabo Candle : I love their concept, designs and everything about it
  – Fun Clock : Something like this. It would be a nice touch to our room
  – Max Wanger’s Photo Print : I always love his works filled with love. Now we can buy it here 

  – Con Fettt System’s Tassel Garland : 可愛いガーラント。この色が特にお気に入り
  – 大きい鏡 : どこのでも良いけどヴィンテージの鏡もいいな
  – LeLabo Candle : コンセプトもシンプルで洗練されたデザインもお気に入り
  – 時計 :  こんな感じの楽しい雰囲気のが欲しい
  – Max Wanger’s Photo Print : 彼の写真のファンで最近ここからプリント版が買える事を発見

  人気ブログランキングへにほんブログ村 ファッションブログ トレンド情報(ファッション)へ

Thank you so much for your support :)

12 thoughts on “home wish list

  1. Elena Torelli

    thank you for the comment in my blog! And congrats for your purchase!
    The lenspen has a special brush for lenses that allows you to clean it and remove the dust without making scraches! :)
    Good luck.

    Where are you from? though i am italian but i’ve never been to milan! because i’m from the very south! :(


    following you, please follow me back!

  2. Athena Ben.

    This is my field!! Haha
    I love interior (since I am studying should do :p)
    I also love candles and scent-things and of course prints. If you’d see my room you would notice that!! :p

    You visited Greece you said? It is amazing in the summer, the beaches and staff. I haven’t been in Mikonos yet, though!
    What greek food you tried and liked?
    (Souvlaki if I can take a guess?)
    I would like to hear more from you :)

    Love, A!

  3. kristina

    Me too! Lately I’ve been the same way.. I love that tassel wall decoration, I’d be happy with each and every one of these things in my home! xoxo

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