sweet potato cake

There is a popular dessert in Japan, called “Sweet Potato”(I added “Cake” here to avoid confusion). So when we say “sweet potato”in Japan, we’re talking about a sweet dessert! Basically it’s a mashed sweet potato (←different from a yam) with sugar, butter and milk. Since I use maple syrup and honey instead of sugar, it’s not only yummy but healthy too. Ingredients below

1. Place potatoes in a bowl with enough water to cover. Leave it 15min. Drain. Microwave 10min or cook until fork tender.
2. Mash using a potato masher, add milk and butter. Then add maple syrup and honey.
1. 2cm位に切ったさつまいもをボールに入れ水にさらし15分置く。水を捨ててレンジで10分か、柔らかくなるまで茹でる。
2. 熱いうちにマッシャー等でつぶして牛乳とバターを加え、メープルシロップと蜂蜜も加える。
3. Make rectangle (or whatever you want) shape. Brush the tops with egg wash
3. 小判形を作り、照りを出したい時は卵とメープルシロップを混ぜたのを表面に塗る
4. Bake for 20 min in the preheated oven – 350 F (180 C).
4. 余熱しておいたオーブンで20分焼く(180度)
Ingredients :                                                        材料 :
   2 medium sweet potatoes              さつまいも中2個
   2 tablespoons maple syrup          メープルシロップ 大さじ2
   1 tablespoon honey                蜂蜜 大さじ1
   1/2 cup cream (or milk or soymilk)                       生クリーム 1/2カップ (牛乳、豆乳でも)
   1 tablespoon unsalted butter                                無塩バター 大さじ1弱
* Egg wash                                                           * 照りを出す仕上げ用
   1 egg                       卵1個
   1/2 tablespoon maplesyrup           メープルシロップ小さじ1

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10 thoughts on “sweet potato cake

  1. r o s a


  2. Tatj

    Thanks for the receipe, I love it, I always want to cook it because I tasted it in a japanese restaurant in korea. Thought it wasnt best as it is really. I learnt that potatoes and red beans were a kind of base, isnt it ?

  3. Not Just Another Milla

    When I first moved to Japan, I saw sweet potatoes everywhere. The idea of it as dessert is very strange to a British person. Two years later, I became a sweet potato ice-cream addict. I cannot wait to try your dessert – looks so tasty!

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