diy : cut a tee

Cutting an oversized tee into a crop tee is one of the easiest DIY we can do. I bought this t-shirt in Hawaii (costs like four dollars) which I was going to wear at home maybe as a pj. However, the shape was worse on me than I thought and decided to cut them off *here’s my illustration. I cut off about 3 inch the bottom hem too. I didn’t even measure before cutting (how lazy am I?), but I could adjust after. I love my new crop tee!

大きすぎる or 形が合わないTシャツは自分で簡単に切れるのでたまにやるDIY(前に載せたイラスト)。4ドル位で買ったこのTシャツは元々家着かパジャマにしようと思ってたけど想像より形が合わず久しぶりにカットしてみました。面倒くさがりな私は定規で測らず見た感じでジョキジョキ切ってしまうけど、後から微調整できるので問題なし(って本当は測った方がいいと思います)布用の切れるハサミを使えば簡単にできます☆

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Thank you so much for your support :)

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  1. KS

    i like it so much better akiko, great diy! i’m going to have to do this on a few of mine! hope you’re week is going great! xxx

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