midi rings

I’ve loved mid knuckle rings ever since I first saw someone wore it. I haven’t really looked for it, but happened to find these two rings at Planet Blue. I need to be a little more careful when I wash my hands etc as it’s easier to come off, but am loving my new little rings. Do you like midi rings?

始めて指先につけるミディリングを見てからいいなぁと思ってたけど、暫く忘れてた所Planet Blueで偶然この2つを見つけました。ちょうど使ってなかったギフトカードがあったので購入。普通の指輪より落ちやすいけど、家事をする時等指輪は全部取ってしまうのでNo problem! 外で手を洗う時等は気をつけないとだけど、すっごくお気に入り☆

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Thank you so much for your support :)

10 thoughts on “midi rings

  1. Lisa

    omgosh your midi rings are soooooooo so cute!! looks so chic on you! i love looking at them on other ppl.. but whenever i try it on it looks weird on me hahaha!!

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