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This little DIY reminded me of my childhood when my mom made me a tote bag with heat transfer appliques. I’ve done so many screen prints on t-shirts before, but when I saw the heat transfer letter sheets at Michaels, I thought it’d be fun to go back to basic (Is this basic?). This raglan sweat I got as a sample is perfect for this project too. I wanted to make something personal, but because there are not much choices of font and size, I made it not personal at all logo as you see.. NYC. However, I think the font looks great with NYC (didn’t work with LA or any other letters I could think of), and I love the result! This would be perfect DIY for little kid’s belongings

最近流行りのロゴTを昔ながらの方法で作ってみました。ちょうどサンプルでもらったラグランがロゴを入れるのにピッタリ&小さい頃母が作ってくれたアイロンでつくワッペンを貼ったバッグを思い出しました。今まで何百枚ものTシャツプリントを作ってきたけど、沢山刷らないとコストがかかるし1枚だけ作るには最適。で外では売ってない様なロゴにしようと色々考えたけど、フォントもサイズも種類がなくこの字体に合う文字が思いつかず結局どこにでもあるNYCに..でもこの字体とNYCが合ってる気がして満足♪ お子さんの服やバッグ等に作ったら可愛いのができそうでお勧めです。

  人気ブログランキングへにほんブログ村 ファッションブログ トレンド情報(ファッション)へ

Thank you so much for your support :)

20 thoughts on “diy : personalized logo top

  1. KS

    I love this simple DIY Akiko! I always pass by those letters at Michael’s.. I’m so going to try this one now, thanks to your inspiration as always! xo

  2. Alysia Choo

    hey thanks for the comment on my blog :) you’re rather pretty yourself!
    and btw i think this diy shirt is super cool?? wonder how you even came up with it haha.

    alysia x

  3. (Anna) la mode

    This is so cool! I saw the first picture of the shirt before reading the post and totally thought you bought it somewhere. It looks so cute! I don’t do too many DIY things, but this looks very easy and fun. Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog. Just started following you on BL. Hope you follow back so we can stay connected. Excited to see more posts from you : )


  4. Akiko

    Thank you so much for your comments! @putri soe
    I bought this heat transfer letters at Michaels. I don’t see it online, but they have it in the store right now. Hope it helps!

  5. Cheyenne Ji

    Awesome! I love DIY projects. Thanks for sharing. Also thank you for visiting my blog. you were asking about my clear clutch. I got it from a seller on etsy. There is a direct link to the exact product under the last picture on the post. Hope you enjoy it! xoxo

  6. Denise

    It may seem simple to make it, but I am sure it is not! But this is inspiring! I may try something similar, although I have to find where to get the letters! This is a very nice idea, thanks for that, I love DIY things!

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