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I’m loving the perfect fall weather. The air is so fresh, this is definitely my favorite season. Anyway as fall is officially here, my craving for a new purse increases. I’ve been eyeing the pashli bag for a while, which comes in three sizes. I love clutches, but my everyday bag should be bigger like these (medium is my favorite). I love gold brass and this is so me. p.s. Have you seen the Target version? I’ve never really witnessed the collaborations.

前は夏が終わるのがすごく寂しい気がしたけど、ここ数年秋に変わるこの時期が1番好き。夏とは違う秋の空気が幸せ~☆ 服も秋物になって前から目をつけてるPhilip LimのPashliバッグがますます欲しくなってきたこの頃。 バッグは本当にお気に入りの物を買って長く使いたいので中々うるさい私。クラッチも好きだけど、毎日使うには小さすぎるしこの中サイズ位のバッグが一番使えるのです。

  人気ブログランキングへにほんブログ村 ファッションブログ トレンド情報(ファッション)へ

Thank you so much for your support :)

4 thoughts on “wishlist : 3.1 phillip lim pashli

  1. Akiko

    @Quyen Nguyen, Wow, it’s good to know. I kept forgetting to check those out when I go to Target, but will do next time. I’m sure it’s little too late though..!

  2. Stephanie L.

    Ah, I think that’s such a gorgeous bag. I love the 31 Hour Bag. It’s huge, almost to the point of being impractical, haha. Ah, I’ll just have to keep dreaming x)

  3. Akiko

    @Stephanie L. 31 Hour Bag is so cool too, but yeah, it’s pretty big. I love them but my everyday bag can be little smaller than that.. I don’t mind having both though.. haha :)

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