trend alert : pink

I’m happy to see the pink color trend came back. I haven’t seen many of them on street yet, but have seen quite a few on the blogosphere. The Asos Cocoon Coat is my favorite especially. It was fun to draw this illustration because of the cute coloring!

少し前から多くでてきたピンクのアイテム達。まだあまり外では見かけないけどウェブやブログではよく見る様になった可愛い小物やコートを描いてみました。久しぶりにピンクばかり使ったけどやっぱり可愛い色で描いてて気分も上がった! 描いたアイテム全部好きだけど特にAsosのコクーンコートが形も色も好みでお気に入り

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6 thoughts on “trend alert : pink

  1. Shari Alexa

    konichiwa! you make me wanna practice my watercolor. :/ haahahha

    followed you via GFC :)
    follow for follow? :D

    have a nice day

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