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I just realized that we have only three weeks left this year. Can you believe it? I miss going back to Japan this time of the year, but I’m so grateful that I now have a family here too. Photos are.. Beautiful Santa Monica beach. Black sesame toast for breakfast. Quote of the day. Yummy lunch at vegan cafe. Lots of baking holiday cookies. Favorite beanie. Baked mini muffin. Big thanksgiving dinner. Our first real Christmas tree. Thank you cookies for my husband. Cutest gift of measuring spoons. Soymilk stew for dinner.

さっき今年も後3週間と気づいて愕然。この早さは一体… 最近年末年始に日本に帰ってなくて日本のお正月が恋しい私この頃です。写真達は:サンタモニカビーチ。ある日の黒ごまトースト朝食。インスピレーションwords。ビーガンカフェでランチ。この時期よく焼くホリデークッキー。お気に入りニット帽。久しぶりのミニマフィン。楽しかった感謝祭ディナー。初クリスマスツリー。オマーへのThank youクッキー。誕生日プレゼントでもらった可愛い計量スプーン。豆乳シチューの夕食☆

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Thank you so much for your support :)

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  1. Heather

    Great snap shots! Also that quote is exactly how I’ve been feeling late. trying to move forward and not stay in my current position. Anyway all your food snaps look so yummy!


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