down vest

bcbg vest jacket (similar one), h&m sweater, zara skirt, 3.1 phillip lim bag, celine sunglasses
Wearing a down vest my mom bought it for me years ago that I barely had a chance wearing it. Actually I thought I already got rid of it, so glad I didn’t. It was a perfect weather for putting it on when strolling around Beverly hills the other day. It was as cold as it gets last week in LA, but now the temperature is getting higher again. Typical LA winter.

かなり前に母が買ってくれたダウンベスト。なぜか着る機会が全然なくてもう手放したと思っていたのを見つけて着てみたら使える..! 袖がないけどダウンなので十分暖かくLAの寒い日にピッタリ。持っててよかった。最近ずっとこの辺りにしてはかなりの寒さだったけど又気温が上がってきました。気温差が激しいLAです

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