after dark

I had a rough night last night. Nothing really happened, but just felt blue. Dark blue. Nothing seemed right and I felt I’m the worthless person ever exist on this planet (try not to bore you with details). Have you ever felt that? I know it happens more at night. And I know I feel a lot better in the morning. And yes, I feel better now. The easiest solution = go to bed early and become a morning person (which is my life time goal). Anyway, this is a photo I took a while ago when I found this beautiful pearl set of jewelry in my drawer. It’s a gift from my aunt for my graduation years ago. Although I always tend to wear same jewelries, I should start to wear them more often.
昨日の夜は何があった訳でもないのにイライラ(ならまだOK) で段々気分が落ちていきもう何もかもうまくいってなく何もかもが嫌になってその一時的な感情をオマーが浴びせられる結果に… 大体こういう事は夜起きて一晩寝れば大抵すっきり、昨日の夜はなんだったんだろう?って事になるのです。何も言う前に何も考えず早く寝ればよかった。こういう事ってありますか?あるよね?(私だけ?) 写真は前に伯母が卒業祝いにプレゼントしてくれた田崎真珠のセット。先日引き出しの奥に閉まってあったのを見つけました。いつも同じのばかり付けてるのでたまには違うのも身につけよう☆

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5 thoughts on “after dark

  1. Kassidy K.

    I’ve always wanted to become a morning person, and so at night, its easiest for me to feel that way too. Anyways, that’s a gorgeous set of jewelry!

  2. Saiko Young


  3. Akiko

    @Saiko なるほど〜、その為に側にいるんだ 笑。そう考えると気分も楽だね。POSは私もあるあるっ 

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