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These are three new polishes by Essie I bought the other day and I think I found my new favorite nude color. It’s been years since I’ve had long nails (I was in the short nails x dark polish phase), and am thinking to try french nail soon (it’s been literally years and years!). As my nails are naturally strong and grow very fast, it’s easier for me to keep them longer like this. What is your favorite nail polish?

最近購入したEssieポリッシュ3つ。ヌードカラーは微妙な色違いが大量にある中いい感じの色を見つけるのが中々難しいけど、これはちょうどいい色合いでお勧めです☆ ここ何年もずっと短く切ってたけど久しぶりに少し長くしてみました。元々爪自体が強く伸びるのもかなり早いので伸ばしてる方が楽なのを思い出した所。ネイルアートはほとんどやらないのでいつもほぼ単色塗りだけどそれこそ何年ぶりかにフレンチもやってみようかな☆

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  1. Stella

    I also love the Essie nail polishes! They have great nude colors and yours is great! I’m so glad that I found your blog! I love the Kanji and Hiragana writing so much! I once used to learn Japanese and I haven’t seen the writing for such a long time. Wonderful!

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