blogger’s portrait #7 : kimonosnack


I’m so excited to share a talented illustrator and stylish blogger from Japan, Akiko Hiramatsu. You may have seen her unique illustrations (or herself) as they are in many popular Japanese magazines. She also writes a blog, Kimonosnack where she shares her outfits and cool events happening in Japan. I drew her in DVF dresses as they are always great on her. Here is a Q&A with her and you should check her blog out if you haven’t!

 1. Do you have a style icon you admire?
Sophia Loren, Anna Karina, Olivia Palermo, Jean Shrimpton, Daria Werbowy,  Marisa Berenson, Kelly Wearstler, Diane Von Furstenberg

 2. How do you get inspired?
I collect photos on Pinterest and stare at them and wonder how I can be like them. Then suddenly a great idea come into my mind.

 3. What does your daily schedule look like? 
Weekdays : wake up around 8am and check on Pinterest while having a breakfast (coffee and bread). After doing laundry, I go to my office on my bicycle at 10am and do illustration works with my assistances. In the afternoon, lunch with my boyfriend or friends, meeting, English school, or shopping, it depends on the day. Go home late afternoon, cook for my son and take my dog for a walk. I practice Nichibu (Japanese dance) for ten minutes before taking a bath. Go to bed around 10pm and check on Pinterest or watch DVD in bed.
Weekend : sleep in, clean my house or do work such as preparing things for my assistances, thinking new ideas. 

Also there are many exceptions, like I go out late at night or catch a cold and stay in bed all day!

 4. Any advice for those who want to start their own business as a creator. 
Try to find the right balance both physically and mentally. It’s important to work hard but also you need to have a break. If you’re well balanced, you can create beautiful works and people start to notice. It’s hard sometimes when money is involved, but create your work as you’re making a gift for your clients. 

私のお気に入りブログ、イラストレーター平松昭子さんのKimonosnackを紹介したいと思います。昭子さんの作品 (昭子さん自身も)沢山の雑誌に掲載されてるので知ってる方も多いはず。前からブログをよく拝見させてもらっていて、以前イラストレーターの仕事について突然質問させてもらった時もすっごく丁寧に答えてくれて感激したのを覚えてます。その時もらったアドバイスは今でも大切にしてる私。そんな昭子さんの着こなしや(特にDVFのドレスの着こなしが一番好き)、着物姿、見てて楽しくなるユーモアのあるイラストが満載に載っているKimonosnackは要チェックです。下記忙しい中答えてくれたQ&Aです☆

 1. スタイルの参考にしている人はいますか?
Sophia Loren, Anna Karina, Olivia Palermo, Jean Shrimpton, Daria Werbowy, Marisa Berenson, Kelly Wearstler, DIANE VON FURSTENBERG

 2. どうやってインスピレーションを得ますか?

 3. 毎日の1日のスケジュールはどんな感じですか?



 4. クリエーターとして独立したい人へのアドバイス

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blogger’s portrait #6 : harper and harley

It’s been a while since I posted this series, but I’m happy to share one of my favorite blogs – Harper & Harley. You may know that I’ve been into a minimal look with neutral colors, so it was only natural for me to fell in love with Sara’s style, who says ‘reducing her wardrobe down to the basics of black, white and grey’. Because she lives in Sydney, we get to see her perfect summer looks we can try when it gets warmer. Check her out if you haven’t!

かなり久しぶりになってしまったけど、最近のお気に入りブログを紹介したいと思います。ここ数シーズンどんどんシンプルな格好に惹かれてるので、サラのブログHarper & Harleyを見た時はまさにツボなスタイル、それ以来いつもチェックしてます。オーストラリア在住のブロガーなので今は夏真っ盛り。暖かくなったらしたい格好が沢山です。あっ後単純にサラの顔がとってもタイプ☆ 久しぶりに風邪を引いてしまいベッドに引きこもり中… 風邪はやってるみたいなので気をつけて下さい

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header design : ellalogy

I’m happy to share the header design I made for Ellie for her blog Ellalogy. She has such a cute blog sharing her love of beauty, fashion, and her life. Her blog looks very clean with minimum colors so I wanted to reflect it to the design. I’m glad it turned out well and most importantly it fits her blog well. Thank you Ellie, it was nice working with you! Please contact me with any questions about a design too.

イギリス在住のEllieのブログ Ellalogy のヘッダーデザインを作りました。シンプルなデザインのブログなので、彼女の希望に合わせたイラストをサイトに合う様に描いてみました。気に入ってくれてよかった~。ファッションや美容について載せてる可愛いブログなので是非見てみて下さい。イラスト、デザイン等で何か質問あったらお気軽にメール下さい☆

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blogger’s portrait #5 : blame it on fashion

I’m exicited to share my favorite blog of all- Blame it on fashion. Marie is originally from Denmark, but lived in LA when I first discovered her blog. I immediately fell in love with her sophisticated style (great LA look, but always European touch). I literally want to own every single pieces she has, including items she constantly posts that she’s an eye on. She moved back to Europe to start living in London. We miss her, but all can enjoy her style anywhere she lives!

1. What other bloggers or celebrities styles do you admire?
I would love to plunder the wardrobes of Taylor Tomasi Hill, Caroline Sieber, Olivia Palermo, Chloe Sevigny.
2. You have a great jewelry collection, where do you find most of your pieces?
I’m always looking for some fierce jewelry, and Dannijo is definitely my first go-to. A lot of my jewelry also comes from the Danish designer-duo Line & Jo. It’s so simple and beautiful!
3. What is the best fashion advice you have ever received?
I really believe in dressing after who you are and not who you want to be. Feel good and you will look good. A friend of mine once told me to always roll the cuffs and show a little wrist. It makes you look slimmer and adds a casual feeling to any outfit.

最近私がよくチェックするブロガーはヨーロッパの方が多いのだけど、デンマークのMarieのBlame it on fashionは特にお気に入り。私が最初にを見つけた時はちょうど彼女がLAに住んでいる時で、LAカジュアルだけどどこかヨーロッパの雰囲気が漂っていてまさに好みのスタイル! 持ってるバッグや靴も欲しい物ばかりで下記にも誰かとクローゼットを交換できるなら…ってありますが、私の答えは絶対Marieです☆

1. 好きなブロガーやセレブリティはいる?
2. 素敵なジュエリーを沢山持ってるけど、どこで見つけるの?
いつも情熱的でアグレッシブなジュエリーを探しているわ。最初にいつもDannijoをチェックする。後デンマークの2人組デザイナーのLine & Joの物もシンプルで素敵なのが多くて沢山もってるわ
3. 為になったファッションアドバイスはある?

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header design : hats & horses

This is a header design I made for a new blog from Croatia – Hats & Horses. I enjoyed drawing their stylish portraits, and now you can see more of their cool style and photographies on their blog. Please feel free to email me if you have any questions about a design too. 

クロアチアからの新しいブログ Hats & Horses のヘッダーデザインを描きました。彼らのかっこいいポートレイト写真をうまく表現できてるといいけれど。。素敵な写真が既にいくつかアップされてるので良かったら。デザインについて質問等あったらご連絡下さい

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