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ASOKO de ART Collaboration

I’m so excited to announce my collaboration pieces with ASOKO stores in Japan! Asoko has multiple stores throughout in Japan and sells adorable goods in an affordable price. ASOKO de ART is a project that allows customers enjoy art more often and casually. I’m so honored to be part of it.

この度「サプライズを楽しもう」をコンセプトとした雑貨ストアASOKOさんとのアーティストコラボ商品が発売されました!ASOKO de ARTは「アートを身近なモノに」をテーマにしたプロジェクトでバッグやポーチなどのオリジナルグッズが販売されています。 コロナの影響で日本に帰れなかったのが残念だけど友人達がお店に行って沢山写真も送ってくれたのでその中からいくつか載せたいと思います。いつもありがとう!


Collaboration items includes tote bags, clear pouch, clear shoulder bag etc. More items are coming very soon!


I’m bummed that I couldn’t get to see the beautiful store front and display in person due to Covid-19, but I’m happy to see my designs are in stores in my home country. * I’ve gotten some questions via instagram, but these are available only in Japan.