fashion live sketch

Fashion Live Sketch at Storets Showroom

Live sketch artsit in Los Angeles CA
Akiko Kato Ruiz

I had a great opportunity to work for brand PR event at Storets‘s showroom in Los Angeles. I drew influencer’s portrait while they were looking for a cute outfit in the showroom.


Fashion Live Sketching in LA CA
Fashion Live Sketch for brand PR event in Los Angeles
Live Sketch Artist in Los Angeles CA
Messy table while live sketching at the showroom
portrait live sketch artist in Southern California. Akiko Kato Ruiz
fashion live sketch artist Akiko Kato Ruiz

It was a fun event and thanks for having me there!

ロサンゼルスでは会社やブランドが主催するインフルエンサーを集めたイベントが沢山あるのですが、皆自分の見せ方をよく知っていて人の目を気にする事なく自分をアピールする姿が眩しい 笑。私が日本に住んでいた頃はインフルエンサーなんていなかったので(そもそもスマホもSNSもなかった)日本の若い子達も描いてみたいなーと思うこの頃です。

Fashion live sketch at LA textile show


I had a great opportunity to do a fashion live sketch at LA Textile Show in downtown Los Angeles. There were lots of vendors and buyers looking for fabrics and accessories, which reminds me of my old days when I worked in the fashion industry. It was pretty tiring as I was there whole 3 days during the show, but it all paid off when I saw people’s happy face when I gave them a portrait. It really made my day.

ロサンゼルスにあるファション ディストリクトで行われたテキスタイルショーでライブスケッチをしてきました。コロナ後初となるショーは多くの出展者とバイヤーで賑わっていて、パンデミック以前に戻った様で嬉しかったなー。久しぶりのトレードショーは以前ファッション業界で働いていた昔の事を思い出したり、コロナ前はブランドの方で他の展示会に出展してたので今回ライブスケッチという違う形でショーに参加する事ができて新鮮でした。

fashion live sketching in Los Angeles CA
fashion live sketching Akiko Kato Ruiz
with a cute attendee and my work table
fashion live sketch at textile show in Los Angeles CA
Live sketch at LA Textile show in Los Angeles CA
fashion portrait live sketching at textile show in Los Angeles Ca

Thanks for having me LA Textile and stopping by my booth to get a portrait!
* You can see more of my live sketching work Here.