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interior inspiration boardAfter I finally got an idea of Pinterest, I started to develop an addiction. Either fashion, food or interior, they’re full of ideas. Millions Gazillion..! Now I’m dreaming more about having a nice place, where I can decorate whatever I want. Here are some cool ideas..  *image via Pinterest
  1. Laddar for rack. Cool way to display a plant and save space for garage.
  2. Bulb ball lighting. How amazing are they? I also love the black cabinets.
  3. Dark grey wall. It can be a chalk board too.
  4. Black and white picture frames, with black and white everything.

  1. はしごを棚に使用。観葉植物もおしゃれに見えるし物置きのスペースも空いて◎
  2. 電球そのままの照明。何度かレストラン等で見た事あるけどこのアイディア大好き
  3. 濃いグレーの壁。全部この色だと暗くなるかもだけど一面だけで他は白の壁で素敵
  4. 白黒のみの額+モノクロの写真。カラフルな可愛いデスクも好きだけどモノクロもいいなぁ

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How’s your week so far? Me? I feel like I’ve been eating more sweets than I normally do lately- cakes, candies, or ice creams etc. Is it a bad sign? It’s pretty addicting and only addiction I have. I guess I can say “only”..? The photos are..
            1. Always love Planet Blue lookbook
            2, Pretty candy bar setting at my friend’s baby shower


            1. いつも素敵な写真の Planet Blue lookbook
            2, 友達のベイビーシャワーでのかわいいスイーツ達

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accidentally dior

Don’t you think the macarons I picked randomly at bottega luie looks like Miss Dior ad, color-wise? I was looking thorough these pictures and thought it reminds me of something. I couldn’t tell what it was first.. but figure it out! Coloring is always so important to me, so I once again felt the power of color. Anyway, my favorites were cappucino, earl grey and matcha. Over all all were so yum!

先週末 bottega luie で美味しそうなのを適当に選んで買ったマカロンの写真を見てたら何かの配色に似てる気が。。最初何か思い出せなかったけど、もしかしてとMiss Diorの広告を検索してみたらこ.れ.だ ! Fuschiaピンクとパステルの組み合わせが印象的で覚えてたみたい。デザインをする時色使いはとても重要なポイントですがやはり色の力ってすごいと感じた所。カプチーノとアールグレイが特に美味しかった。Yum!

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