How’s your Thanksgiving day? I baked this icing cookies and pie pops for the big turkey day. I tried to take pictures while I did icing, but I was too busy to bother even a second (it got dry out so fast..) Hope I’ll be able to make How-to post next time. Anyway, hope you’re having a nice weekend! I’m moving out soon; my place is getting really messy now

アメリカは先日感謝祭 (Thanksgiving)で、又アイシングクッキーを作ってみました。このブログにHow toを載せれればと思ったけどアイシングを始めたら写真撮る余裕0で結局又出来上がり写真しかありませんが。。次回写真が撮れれば載せたいと思います。皆様良い週末を!私は引っ越しが近くなってきたので家の中がひどく荒れてきてます。

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Thank you so much for your support :)

17 thoughts on “snowmans

  1. Tatj

    I already saw it on instagram I think, makes me want to make some – but most of all, to eat some. Great pictures, that’s so cute.

    bisous, take care! Tatj.

  2. Adrielle

    Oh, adorable!Want to eat them!Thanks for your comment on my blog.Would you like to follow each other?

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