You might remember I’ve mentioned few times that I love the quality over quantity concept *for everything, but I’m particularly talking about clothes here. I always try to keep this in mind and have started to work for a past few seasons. However, it hasn’t applied to my lingeries (mostly
bras) and wonder if it should be the first thing women should try?  At least I had fun drawing these delicate looking beautiful lingeries. for now.
* Now it’s available on Art print. You can see the details at akrDesignStudio!


fall accessories

I’m still in the mood for monochrome and here are some items from my wish list for fall. I can’t even imagine having a scarf around my neck now due to the heat wave, but can’t wait!
– Grey scarf : preferably good quality wool one
– Mansur Gavriel bucket bag : I’m loving their tote bag, and sure I’ll be good with bucket bag too
– Mansur Gavriel backpack : It’s all sold out everywhere along with other items.. 
– Grey sneakers : As my black and white pairs are so useful, so next color is easily grey.

– グレーマフラー – ウールのマフラーが◎
– Mansur Gavriel バケットバッグ : トートがとても気に入ってるのでバケットバッグもいいなぁ
– Mansur Gavriel バックパック : 他のアイテム同様どこも売り切れだけどね、、 
– グレースニーカー: 白と黒のスニーカーがとても使えるので次はグレーかな?と思ってる所

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trend alert : valentino studded shoes

valentino studded shoesValentino studded shoes has been a big hit and there are so many varieties I didn’t even know, from elegant heels to flat sandals. Which pairs are your favorite? I definitely like the flat sandals, but also love the heels wearing with very casual outfit such as boyfriend’s jeans with simple tee!
* They are pretty pricy but I found some replicas. See below!

今年はビルケンシュトックがダントツ人気ですが、ハイエンドなブランドだとValentinoのスタッズシリーズが一番かな? ヒールをよく目にしてたけど、バレエシューズ風フラットやカジュアルなサンダルまで沢山でてるみたいです。エレガント風なヒールをBoyfriendデニムとかカジュアルな服に合わせて履くのが素敵☆ かなり高額だけどそっくりなレプリカも沢山出てる様です

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monochrome summer wishlist

I recently discovered ASOS has so many affordable options of everything.. (so late, I know!). It was almost surprising when I research for a black dress. I’m not much of an online shopper when it comes to clothing, but ‘free return’ option makes me want to try one or two..


new balance for j.crew 620

J.Crew has been having amazing sneaker collaborations with major companies. I love all of them but the ones with New Balance caught my eye. I though I have enough sneakers, but one more pairs (grey color?) won’t hurt. maybe

J.Crewのコラボスニーカーはいつも素敵なのが多くて大人気です。今回のNew Balanceもいい感じ。スニーカーは今持ってるのだけで増やさないつもりだったけど最近グレーが欲しくなってきてる所です。使えるかな~

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