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Remember my illustration here? I searched more totes mostly online, but none beats this Mansur Gavriel beauty * It helped my decision when I saw stylish blogger Stephanie carries it! Then I realized it sold out everywhere (You can try here and here). So it took a little time to find it, but I got lucky. My search for the perfect tote is finally over and I’ll be using it for years to come. :)
*By the way, now I’m into this bag and love to put it in our bedroom!
以前イラストを載せたMansur Gavrielのトートをついにゲットしました。あの後主にオンラインで色々探してみたけど、やはりこのトートが一番しっくりくるので購入!と決めたらどこもSold Outで全く見当たらず、、(オフィシャルサイトで売ってる物かと思ってたら商品の紹介のみで販売はしてなかった..)LAのお店でたまたま数点入った所を運良く買えました。シンプルで大きな特徴もないけど綺麗な作りでこれから長年使っていく事間違いなしです
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Thank you so much for your support :)

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  1. Kiwi Fashion Blog

    This style is simple and clean cut. Just like how I would describe your fashion style. You always look so refreshing like coming out of one of my favourite Australian brand Country Road :) Congrats on the bag!

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