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down vest

down vest style
down vest look

            bcbd down vest, vince top, uniqlo pants, mansur gavriel tote, rag and bone boots
I think I finally figured out how useful down vest is last year. The weather in LA has been very nice, but it can be super hot in the middle of the day and get ‘totally need a jacket’ temperature at night, which is perfect for a down vest. It’s easy to carry around and so warm, but won’t get super hot without sleeves. Love. My mac book scared me yesterday (didn’t turn on), but got fixed without a major repair / any charge. So grateful

数年位前にやっとダウンベストが使える事に気づいてからかなり着てるずっと前に母が買ってくれたベスト。暫く全然着なかったので誰かにあげたか寄付したかと思ってたけど残っててよかった☆今では一番のお気に入りジャケットです。そんな事もあるんだなぁ。昨日はマックが立ち上がらず数ヶ月前に修理したのが又悪くなったかと慌ててAppleに持って行った所別の原因ですぐ直りました 嬉。あっバックアップとらなきゃ

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office look

                vince top, uniqlo pants, mansur gavriel tote, joie sandals, céline sunglasses
I’ve worked in the apparel/design industry all my life where a denim look is always appropriate, so I’ve never really had to own office clothes. When I saw these photos I thought this is as close as it gets to an office look. The half sleeve with turtle neck top is perfect for in-between seasons.


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fall accessories

I’m still in the mood for monochrome and here are some items from my wish list for fall. I can’t even imagine having a scarf around my neck now due to the heat wave, but can’t wait!
– Grey scarf : preferably good quality wool one
– Mansur Gavriel bucket bag : I’m loving their tote bag, and sure I’ll be good with bucket bag too
– Mansur Gavriel backpack : It’s all sold out everywhere along with other items.. 
– Grey sneakers : As my black and white pairs are so useful, so next color is easily grey.

– グレーマフラー – ウールのマフラーが◎
– Mansur Gavriel バケットバッグ : トートがとても気に入ってるのでバケットバッグもいいなぁ
– Mansur Gavriel バックパック : 他のアイテム同様どこも売り切れだけどね、、 
– グレースニーカー: 白と黒のスニーカーがとても使えるので次はグレーかな?と思ってる所

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I haven’t been able to post for a while since my macbook pro suddenly broke down last week and has been in an ‘Apple hospital’. I once realized how much we depend on a computer nowadays as I almost couldn’t do anything (besides drawing on a paper). I’m so happy it came back good as a technician told me I might have to buy a new one. Anyway, I’m loving the oversized silk top. I have a thing about silk lately. Oh and monochrome too.

先週末いきなりMacの画面がストライプになって使えなくなり修理に出してました。いや~分かってはいたけどコンピューターがないと不便を通り越してほぼ何もできない… 紙にイラストを描くにしても何かとコンピューターを使っているんだと改めて実感。最初買い替えかもって言われたので無事そんなにかからず直せてよかった! 服はお気に入りのトップとバッグと靴(全部)。最近モノトーンの服ばかり載せてる気がするけど実際いつもこんな感じな気分です

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silk check shirt

madewell silk shirts, zara skirt & sandals, mansur gavriel tote bag
My recent favorite everything. this blog is moving platforms soon and I’ve been working out details. Hope the new design will be up sometime this week. Happy Monday!


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