trend alert : valentino studded shoes

valentino studded shoesValentino studded shoes has been a big hit and there are so many varieties I didn’t even know, from elegant heels to flat sandals. Which pairs are your favorite? I definitely like the flat sandals, but also love the heels wearing with very casual outfit such as boyfriend’s jeans with simple tee!
* They are pretty pricy but I found some replicas. See below!

今年はビルケンシュトックがダントツ人気ですが、ハイエンドなブランドだとValentinoのスタッズシリーズが一番かな? ヒールをよく目にしてたけど、バレエシューズ風フラットやカジュアルなサンダルまで沢山でてるみたいです。エレガント風なヒールをBoyfriendデニムとかカジュアルな服に合わせて履くのが素敵☆ かなり高額だけどそっくりなレプリカも沢山出てる様です

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4 thoughts on “trend alert : valentino studded shoes

  1. Christina

    The heels and flat sandals are my favorite! I agree that the heels can be worn with boyfriend jeans. That’s definitely a look I would wear! If only I could afford the real things haha!


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