trend alert: birkenstock

Have you gotten any of these sandals? I’ve seen them here and there, and more and more lately. Ever since Celine introduce those fur – flat shoes, the toilet like sandals became somewhat trendy. I’m personally not into this right now (maybe later? not sure), but I don’t mind having Muji ones to run errands around my house. p.s. I love this Kate Moss photos. She wore them perfectly!

少しづつ見かけてたけど最近かなり目にする様になってきたビルケンシュトック(&風)サンダル。大人気セリーヌがファー付きのトイレ風サンダルを出して以来トレンドになってきてるけど、私は今の所引かれるとこ買う予定ないかな。でも無印のサンダルは楽そうだし家の周りで履くのに良さそう☆ しかしこのセリーヌのサンダルを買う人達はもう沢っ山セリーヌ商品持ってるんだろうなぁ *ケイトのこの写真は素敵すぎ! 

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7 thoughts on “trend alert: birkenstock

  1. Kiwi Fashion Blog

    When it comes to comfort, I love Birkenstock. I bought a pair from QVC when they went on sale (normally they are really expensive I feel) and they are my go-to comfort slippers/sandals when I need to be comfortable and walking quite a bit.

  2. Stephanie G

    it’s kind of cool that birkenstock-type sandals are popular again. haha. i love the “toilet-like” description which sounds intrinsically asian to me (i know exactly what you mean!) thankfully it’s winter here otherwise i would be tempted to buy the silver zara pair that looks just like those celines (minus furry bits)

    steph /

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